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IEC 60601-1 Edition 3.1 Introduces New Product Safety Requirements for Medical Electrical Equipment
The Israel Export Institute    
ITL- “Your passport to the Global Market”
ITL has been published as service provider in the Catalogue for Israeli Exporters
Israel Testing Laboratories in the Israel Book – 60 Years    
The most comprehensive source of information about Israel, published by ‘Miksam’ to mark the country’s achievements and enterprises in a range of fields – ITL has been published in the Economy & Commerce field as service provider for Israeli Exporters
“ITL-an exporter’s passport for innovative equipment worldwide”    
Maariv published an article about ITL’s capabilities in assisting Israeli exporters bring their products into compliance with international standards
Announcement by ACTA | December 2010    
The following announcement by ACTA applies to all registered telephone terminals sold in the US. Annual RPC fees are now implemented.
Please call ITL if you require technical support regarding this requirement.
Change in Safety standard for ITE products | November 2010

On December 1st, 2010, the Information Technology Equipment (ITE) safety standard

  • UL60950-1/first edition – is changing to UL60950-1/second edition
  • EN 60950-1:2001 – is changing to EN 60950-1:2006.
Major impact on outdoor equipment for ITE equipment

A new standard was introduced in 2005 for outdoor equipment which is now enforced for all outdoor ITE (Information Technology Equipment) and for all destination markets (US, Europe and many other countries).

Israel Ministry of ​Defense | Israel ​
I-HLS TV Interview - Ophir Gamliel, CEO, ITL
The Marker - עולם התקינה - השער של ישראל אל העולם
New-Tech Magazine - Ophir Gamliel, CEO, ITL
 אי.טי.אל הוסמכה כגוף בודק לבדיקת התקינות של מתקני גז טבעי

The Israeli revolution in import permits

Webinar, September 12th, 20:00-21:00

Israel Compliance

ITL  -Israel Testing Laboratories Speaker: Mr. Ophir Benjamin Gamliel – CEO
“The Israel approvals”


HASHMAL NET - Professional electrical and lighting portal

"בדיקות לגופי תאורה לסביבה נפיצה בישראל'    


Virtual conference, September 07th, 09:30-16:00

ITL - Israel Testing Laboratories Speaker: Mr. Ophir Benjamin Gamliel – CEO
”Global Regulatory Considerations”


SISME 2020 - Symposium on Safety Industrial Standards for Medical Equipment

Virtual conference, November  18th  16:00-22:00

ITL-Israel Testing Laboratories Speaker: CEO Ophir Benjamin Gamliel

I-HLS News - Ophir Gamliel, CEO, ITL

Certification Services - Global Gate for Advanced Israeli Technologies, Based on National Mission

MDI - Medical Device News
Ophir Gamliel, CEO, IT

Certification Services - Global Gate for Advanced Israeli Technologies, Based on National Mission