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ITL provides testing and certification for alarms and security systems intended for the European market. ITL is also an ETL lab, which provides North American Alarms approvals. Alarm systems require intensive functionality, reliability, environmental conditioning and testing before they can be placed on the market, and comply with respective Grade and Class establishment. The service includes full testing to the European requirements and local registration. Products tested and evaluated include among others: Holdup and Intrusion Detection Alarm Systems, PIR/Microwave/combination intrusion detectors, control panels, sirens, smoke detectors, accessories etc.


Certificates provided for Security- Alarm equipment include:

Safety Type Test compliance, European Agency approvals such as DNV, ANPI, INCERT, SP, and others.

Services for Alarm-Security products include:

  • Safety, EMC and Radio Type Testing: for CE (European Conformity)
  • Functional-Environmental-EMC In-house testing and overseas Agency Review and Agency Testing and Certification achieved through renowned European Agencies.

Service you can Trust, offering:

  • High quality service to customers who deal with this category of equipment and a complete solution covering all applicable aspects as needed per product type.
  • An expert team specializing in the areas of hold-up and intrusion detection, control, Alarm equipment.
  • Guidance services to relevant standards before/during the testing. .
  • A project co-coordinator and integrative scheduling, for each customer who activates the various project tasks and field specialists where needed.
  • Pre-compliance testing (for new features and feature modifications).
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