EMC Global Requirements

EMC, Electro Magnetic Compatibility is required worldwide and mandatory for all electronic and or electro-mechanical products. In order to place a product in the global market it must comply with these respective marks, depending on the target market:

Europe – Products need a Declaration of Conformity
Products must meet requirements for the control of emissions and immunity in order to receive the CE Mark. It covers all electrical and electronic products, in particular household appliances, data-processing equipment, information technology equipment, telecommunications equipment, machinery and specific requirements for automotive and medical equipment.

USA – Products must comply with FCC Rules
Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) is the federal authority for approval and for setting requirements and standards.
FCC Declaration of Conformity is required for Equipment with unintentional radiation; FCC Declaration of Conformity requires testing by an accredited laboratory which is also FCC listed. FCC certification required for equipment with intentional radiation (radio transmitting); certification requires testing and a FCC/TCB Certificate.
Testing must be performed by an accredited laboratory which is also FCC listed.

Canada – Industry Canada (IC) Verification is required for equipment with unintentional radiation; verification requires only testing, conducted by an Industry Canada listed laboratory.
IC certification is required for equipment with intentional radiation (radio transmitting); certification requires testing and IC/CCB Certification Letter.
Testing must be performed by an accredited laboratory with IC listing.

Japan – ITE products require the VCCI marking.

Australia and New Zealand – Products require the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) registration.

EMC Know-how you can Trust
ITL offers a wide range of services to cover requirements for all EMC aspects of your products, providing EMC standards application guidance, testing and certification services for compliance with global requirements. The company maintains semi-anechoic chambers. When necessary, we can also perform EMC compliance tests at our clients’ sites.
Working with us, you have an experienced team of EMC, Radio and Telecom specialists operating on your behalf, which can expedite your time to market and reduce costs by testing your products locally and identifying problems early in the design process, saving you time and money. Our engineers and advisory staff work with our customers to ensure that the appropriate EMC tests are performed on products.

EMC industry related testing capabilities

•    Radio & Telecommunication equipment
•    Automotive electronics
•    Medical Devices
•    Military
•    IT equipment
•    Domestic & Commercial products
•    Household Appliance & Power Tools (Domestic & Industrial)
•    Luminaries
•    Laboratory equipment
•    Electrical Toys
•    Heavy Industrial products
•    Machinery
•    Security Systems & Alarms
•    Health, Fitness & Beauty products
•    Explosive Environment

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