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ITL has been serving the Israeli market for two decades providing complete testing and certification solutions for multiple industries including telecom, medical, industrial, appliance, life safety and security, military and more. ITL is affiliated with Intertek and is an accredited Recognized Testing Laboratory, granting it the ability to provide customers with international certifications locally. The company has formed strategic partnership with numerous international certification bodies and testing labs, enabling it to offer its customers global certifications locally, expediting time to market, and ensuring a safe product introduction. An independent privately owned Testing and Guidance Company, ITL’s laboratory sites are located in Lod and Kfar Bin Nun, providing compliance testing and certifications which are approved and recognized for export to countries around the globe.

Our Vision is to be a leading regulation and compliance experts for products in the electrical and electronic industries, providing certifications as well as the highest standards of testing and knowhow.

Our Mission is to use our experience and high level of service in providing global regulatory compliance and certification to our customers, helping them quickly and safely introduce new products to the market.

ITL History
1992 – ITL was established and registered in the state of israel.
1993 – ITL becomes the first North American (NRTL) Agency in Israel.
1994 – ITL’s EMC testing facility was established
1998 – Recognized Laboratory by Israel Ministry of Communications
1999 – First Recognized Laboratory (MOITL) according to Israeli Law by Commissioner of
2005 – ITL acquires the Telrad (Nortel Networks) Lab
2006 – ITL’s second EMC testing facility is established
2010 – ITL is accredited as a CBTL by IECEE
2011 – ITL is accredited as the only Affiliated Intertek Laboratory both as Recognized Testing Laboratory and IECEE-CBTL

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